LLOONBASE 36 Vienna, Austria

Reconstruction of a century-old machine hall


Built in 1899, the brick building is under a preservation order and used to be part of the former Luzzatto engineering works. On behalf of the Balloonart company, BEHF Architects in coordination with the Federal Monuments Authority Austria (BDA), converted a century-old building into a multifunctional production facility and an event venue. The design strategy was to create a seamless integration of historical structures and modern elements. Old stays old, while all new architectural insertions are clearly recognizable as such.

© Bruno Klomfar

The striking brick facade of the landmarked building retained its folds and timeless appearance, while the windows were renewed. By means of a room-in-room construction, the entire dimension of the hall covered with a filigree glass roof was preserved. Its historic elements, as for example a derrick, can still be used.

The previously open gallery surrounding the hall was enclosed with pre-cast concrete elements and a continuous frameless glazing providing views into the hall. It is a climatically separated structure containing offices, workshops and studios.

The inviting hall can be used as a venue designed to accommodate different events for approx. 400 guests. The annex is rehabilitated and serves as a main access.


BEHF’s careful modernisation of the industrial monument emphasizes the building’s unique history and keeps the spirit of the old machine hall alive. The historic fabric is visible and in a harmonious dialogue with new architectural insertions. As a result, an authentic atmosphere that is at once traditional and contemporary is created around the building.


Planning: BEHF Architects
Design Architect: Armin Ebner
Project Director: Christian Skaropitsch

  • Category: Heritage, Office
  • Status: Completed
  • Location: Vienna, Austria
  • Completion: November 2006
  • GFA: 2,300 m²