Stephan Ferenczy takes part at PREFArenzen 2020

Stephan Ferenczy, BEHF Architects co-founder, has taken part in PREFArenzen 2020 Expert Dialogue at the Design Days in Grafenegg

The “PREFArenzen” are extraordinary projects realised with Prefa products. Each year, the company selects creative and innovative projects, and showcases them in an architecture book and a wall calendar. For the 2020 edition, the PREFArenzen have not been selected within the company but, for the first time, in a dialogue with experts. The architects Stephan Ferenczy (BEHF), Bettina Brunner-Krenn (X-Architekten), Norbert Philipp (Die Presse) and Matthias Boeckl (Architektur Aktuell), as well as PREFArenzen photographer Wolfgang Croce have engaged in an Expert Dialogue during the Design Days in Grafenegg to select the projects.

The Jury (from left) 1st Row: Bettina Brunner-Krenn, Stephan Ferenczy, Norbert Philipp; 2nd Row: Wolfgang Croce and Matthias Boeckl, with Jürgen Jungmair, Ursula Obernosterer and Leopold Pasquali from Prefa Group © PREFA / Croce & Wir

This year 220 projects have been submitted from 15 Prefa countries. In total, 33 finalist projects from 12 countries have been evaluated by the experts. Finally, 14 projects from 9 countries have been selected.

The PREFArenzen 2020 will be presented in December. You can still order the PREFArenzen 2019 via Prefa’s homepage.

Stephan Ferenczy in the Expert Dialogue © PREFA / Croce & Wir

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