Cost, Time and Site Management

We aim for top quality, on time and on budget


Our main objective is the successful implementation of projects in terms of quality, costs and effective allocation of time. Acting as a quantity surveyor, we are the experts on costs and time.


Cost Management

  • Cost calculations for all project stages
  • Managing design-to-cost projects
  • Tendering and procurement process
  • Managing and monitoring overall budgets
  • Evaluation of deviations from the budgets
  • Advising on cost saving measures

Time Management

  • Establishing planning and execution schedules
  • Updating and monitoring schedules
  • Evaluating and managing deviations from the schedules
  • Updating and monitoring the progress of construction
  • Advising on time saving measures
  • Ensuring projects are completed within set timeframes

Site Management

  • Representing client’s interests on site, exercise of domiciliary rights
  • Monitoring the execution of the object for compliance with the relevant regulations and standards, execution plans and decisions
  • Ongoing detection of defects and monitoring of timely rectification
  • Monitoring the tests of the functionality of construction/plant parts and of the entire object
  • Documentation of the construction process as well as compiling the documentation of the object
  • Handling and verifying the invoices of construction
  • Applying for official approvals and certificates by authorities
  • Handling the handover procedure to the client

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