General Planning

One-stop provider of tailored services


While acting as a one-stop provider, BEHF Architects is your general planner organising the “Team of the Best Minds” around your goals.

Each planning task is unique and requires a tailored approach. We provide the most knowledgeable, high profile “Team of the Best Minds” tailored to the needs of each project. For many years, BEHF Architects has been cooperating within a proven national and international network of specialists and with the most distinguished experts in each industry.

We manage and supervise all interdisciplinary services done by the companies, engineers and specialist planners involved in the project within one networked, integrated planning process.

BEHF Architects approaches all project assignments in a flexible, effective and lean way and leads to successful, cost-optimised project execution.


  • Developing structural and procedural organisation
  • Selecting planners and consultants within an international frame
  • Handling contracts while observing the completeness of the scope of work
  • Coordinating specialist planning services in terms of time, costs and content
  • Summarised reporting to the client
  • Establishing and updating general planner-relevant schedules and cost plans
  • Percepting decision, change and interface management
  • Ensuring projects are completed according to the relevant regulations and standards, timely and within budget agreements.
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