Residential Building Eva-Popper-Weg 8, Nordbahnviertel Vienna, Austria

Residential building Eva-Popper-Weg

BEHF Architects develops “Staircase” as part of an ensemble

The area around the former Nordbahnhof in the 2nd district of Vienna, where BEHF Architects was commissioned to develop a residential building, is currently one of the largest urban development areas. The buildings are part of the urban master plan “Free Center-Versatile Edge,” developed by Studio VlayStreeruwitz, which focuses on creating and preserving attractive green spaces and open areas as its central feature.

The house realized by BEHF is part of an ensemble consisting of residential towers, lower buildings, and so-called “staircases” – buildings with different height levels – grouped around inner neighborhood squares and car-free alleys. The diverse building heights create views, both inward and outward, allowing for both introverted and extroverted living.


The building is divided into a three-story part in the east, a six-story part in the west, and an eight-story central high point. All parts are accessed through a central staircase. On its south side, it frames a larger inner square, while on the north side, it follows the Eva-Popper-Weg towards “Free Centre” – a nature-inspired, largely unchanged space with the specific character of an inner-city void.

Gardens are formed on the ground floor facing the inner square, interpreting the traditional front yard in a contemporary way. Some terraces rise above the level of the inner space, offering an overview of the activities in the square. Along the Eva-Popper-Weg, loggias cut into the building, creating outdoor areas and transitional zones for the apartments located there.

The village-like atmosphere, numerous seating areas along the alleys and paths, ground-level communal spaces, and the large open space in the east allow for chance encounters and provide meeting points for all generations. The entire area was planned in collaboration with architects Studio VlayStreeruwitz, G.O.Y.A, RLP, and Walter Stelzhammer.

All units have efficient layouts and open outdoor spaces. In total, there are 74 apartments, with the number varying depending on the part of the building and floor. A tricolored plaster facade with color fields and differently shaped windows creates a lively outer appearance that blurs the readability of the floors. The common area on the ground floor has a tile pattern derived from the roof of St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

  • Category: Residential
  • Status: Completed
  • Location: Vienna, Austria
  • Completion: May 2023
  • GFA: 6.441 m²
  • Apartments: 74
Completed: Residential Complex Vorgartenstrasse 98-106
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