MOTTO AM FLUSS Café and Restaurant Vienna, Austria

There is hardly a more central location in Vienna than the “Motto am Fluss” above the Danube Canal. Located at the crossing point of the St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the Karmelitermarkt – thus, right between the historic centre of the old town and the hip quarter of the city – the ship-like building is vis-à-vis with the striking skyline of the lower Danube. Here, the life of a classic cosmopolitan city with a pulsating flow of people and traffic determines the image of Vienna.

The various functions and differentiated atmospheric needs of the “Motto am Fluss”, that is spread on two floors, are united under the notion and mood of “Venice in the 1950s”. In this spirit, this is on the one hand about the closeness to the water as well as the landing and departing ships, which you can observe from the sunlit terraces. On the other hand, this is also about the casual elegance of bar and restaurant furniture designed with maritime sensibility and craftsmanship. At this place, you will be served self-made drinks while listening to good music and enjoying delicious meals in a sociable environment.


The interior of the landing stage is dominated by a technoid diagonal supporting structure. With soft elegant shape lines, related to the early Italian industrial design which developed under the influence of the American way of life in the early 1950s, the “Motto am Fluss” draws attention to itself.

Artfully patterned tiled floors and walls pair with backlit cherrywood shelves in the shop of the “Motto am Fluss”, as well as with shiny black tabletops in the restaurant. All the movement, all dynamics, all the water, air and lights of the city, as well as the foam of the marine turbines are reflected in different spherical mirror lamps, that hang loosely distributed in the belly of the ship-like building.

Velvety black upholstered furniture with slightly varying pastel-coloured pipings provide comfort and cosiness. In addition, an elegantly stylised brass clock above the entrance of the kitchen reminds of the culture of travel, or the punctuality of transport.

  • Category: Restaurant, Interior, Furniture
  • Status: Completed
  • Location: Vienna, Austria
  • Completion: July, 2010
  • Level 1: 485 m², 194 seats
  • Level 1 Kitchen: 62 m²
  • Level 2: 174 m², 85 seats
  • Level 2 Kitchen: 24 m²
  • Platform: 230 m², 176 outdoor seats