Completed: PORTO Bar at DAS TRIEST Hotel

BEHF Architects completes atmospheric bar with a nautical theme at DAS TRIEST

Vienna’s boutique design hotel DAS TRIEST, a popular accommodation choice among international artists and celebrities, has expended its offerings with the acquisition of the neighbouring property on the Margaretenstrasse which has now been renovated. BEHF Architects has been commissioned for the interior design of the bar and restaurant area.

Located in the heart of Vienna’s hip Freihaus district for more than hundred years, Das Triest combines elements of the original suburban architecture with the charm of the Biedermeier. The intersection Rilkeplatz is the junction of Margaretenstrasse and Wiedner Hauptstrasse. Coming from Freihaus district, characterised by an open culture and a bustling restaurant scene, one immerses oneself in a seemingly different world of the bourgeois, expansive Wiedner Hauptstrasse. It is precisely in this point of tension that the open character of Das Triest will find its place. Its new bar and restaurant area will open up to the city’s life as far as the laws of physics allow.

© Rupert Steiner

Guests coming from Rilkeplatz, enter the main room of PORTO Bar through a cubic copper-covered door. The walls of the room are clad in simple and quiet, yet high-quality continuous travertine stone which extends up to the ceiling. Slender bands of mirror that reflect historic photos of the harbor of Trieste add the finishing touch to the unique ambience. In order to implement the objectives of the interior spatial acoustics, the ceiling is perforated, fitted with black sheets with mirror effect and divided by longitudinal beams. The height of the room is emphasised by a copper-shelf, hanging free from the ceiling.

A focal point of the space is a bar counter featuring a simple travertine stone base with copper finish. Here, the traces of use, stain circles and splashes from glasses will merge with countless fingerprints to develop a unique patina over time. The older this bar gets, the more natural and alluring it becomes.

© Rupert Steiner

PORTO Bar is designed in such a way that it allows views into the entire space, as well as out into the bustling streetscape. Between the floor-to-ceiling windows facing Rilkeplatz, a replica of a sunken coastal defense ship has been placed. These subtle nautical elements throughout the space pay homage to the port city of Trieste.

On the right side of the main room, the visitors are directed through shelf-like copper grid, in a high, inviting guestroom. Clad in marble, it makes reference to the timeless culture of an Italian tavern, where guests can enjoy a snack and read the newspapers. The adjoining lowered ceiling area includes private dining spaces in form of niches and lounges reserved for larger groups and events.

On the left side, the main room widens to form two niches. This is where “the Captain Tables” with soft, green-velvet, shimmering sofa-benches stand.

From here, one can reach a former “kitchen” that is now a simple dining area featuring bright tiles, and dark bands of bronze-toned mirrors which maximise the illusion of depth and create an additional feeling of space. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow views into the gastronomic life of Wiedner Hauptstrasse.

Terrazzo flooring in grey-black runs throughout the entire space.

Two striking scissor-arm awnings send the signal: Das Triest becomes Trieste.

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