Reiters Reserve Premium Suites Bad Tatzmannsdorf, Austria

The art of taking a moment.

The inspiration for the new suites at Reiters Reserve Supreme is derived from the philosophy of its own hotelier, who built the retreat area as a self-contained unit. The focus is on the harmony between humans and nature and the considerate use of our resources.

Defining values of the design are honesty, innovation, and modesty. Genuine, natural materials of the highest quality and sustainability were selected for this purpose. Materials that you can smell and feel, and that, owing to their timeless colors and straightforward design, can age gracefully. The spatial composition is dominated by restraint and minimalism, focusing on the essentials, as well as on efficiency and a willingness to create true qualities.

The new suites are made from sustainably harvested solid wood from nearby regions, clay plaster and natural stone. They emerged by joining smaller rooms together to create functional and spacy suites for a flexible use. Various movable partitions and variable elements enable to fit the room to guests´ actual needs. One can take a bath in the living room, write a diary in a retractable workspace, fall asleep on a sofa (designed by BEHF and Wittmann), do sports on wooden wall bars or prepare a favorite drink in a hidden kitchenette. Floor-to-ceiling pivot doors allow for individual opening/closing of the bedroom to the living space.

The entry into the suite is through a semi-transparent anteroom that separates it from the rest of the space. A bench and a quiet fountain act as a barrier between the lively social environment outside from a more secluded area inside a suite. In addition to generous storage space, there are long, space-defining benches and shelves where one can sit, place flower vases, or leave newspapers. The famous “Knitting Chair” invites you to read a good book or lay down your clothes.

In the large suite, an Ofuro, a rectangular Japanese soaking tub, has been placed along one of the three window axes. From here, guests have an excellent view of the vast landscape as well as the spacious hotel room. Next to the bathroom area, there is a wall bar with various sports equipment, providing guests with an opportunity to maintain harmony between body and soul through exercise.

  • Category: Hospitality
  • Status: Completed
  • Location: Bad Tatzmannsdorf, Austria
  • Completion: May 2023
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