LOISIUM Wine & Spa Resort Ehrenhausen, Austria

LOISIUM Styria Reloaded – unflinching timelessness

The hilly South Styrian landscape that surrounds the LOISIUM in Ehrenhausen is a distinctive Austrian region. With their high-quality contemporary viniculture, the residents have successfully learned to create and market top-of-the-range products.

Today, the typical quiet of such a boundary region as well as its infrastructural circumstances are an additional attraction for highly stressed city-dwellers and people from the neighbouring countries Hungary and Slovenia.

The peace and calmness, but also the oddness and unconventionality of the region and its residents have served as a guideline when creating the inner atmosphere of the LOISIUMS Wine & Spa Resort. Neither particularly superficial, supposedly typical characteristics of the region and the country, nor trendy zeitgeist phenomena of the international interior design have been taken into account when planning this project.

The rooms are bright and simple, while the bathroom is connected to the bedroom by large glass windows and mirror surfaces. A seating step and a dado, which can be used in various ways, extend to the entire length of the room. Thus, emphasis is placed on the openness and depth of the room. As material, spruce that has been varnished with a white blending is used for the walls and the ground. Furthermore, the fabrics of the furniture and the bed are partially covered with typical blue print, whereas the bedside tables are simple pieces of furniture made of brushed steel.

In the entrance hall, the restaurant as well as in the spa and sauna area, mainly deep green tiles have been installed on the walls, so that a powerful colour scheme is being generated. Due to their rich colour and high gloss, the specially designed tile surfaces give character and depth to the spacious rooms. Room-high, black-painted industrial shelving divides the various zones of the spacious hall-like entrée and the adjoining restaurant. The seating, however, is made of simple wooden furniture. Special furniture such as reception desks and tasting stands are made of brass with hammer paint surfaces. Fireplaces in the two main floors have been designed in brushed stainless steel.

The wine shop is covered in metallic-golden surfaces, including a golden polyurethane layer on the floor. As a result, the materials in the LOISIUMS Wine & Spa Resort shimmer just like the regional wine when you hold it up to the light.

  • Category: Hotel, Health and Wellness, Interior
  • Status: Completed
  • Location: Ehrenhausen, Austria
  • Completion: June 2012
  • Net Area: 8,200 m²
  • Hotel: 105 rooms (85 double rooms, 20 suites)
Completed: Residential Complex KORB ETAGEN
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