Vipnet, Vip Mobile and one.Vip Shops The Balkan Region

BEHF Architects has developed the Vip Shops Rebranding in the Balkan region

Besides the development of the new concept and the nationwide rollout of the A1 shops in Austria, the Vip shops in the Balkan region have been planned and realised. In Croatia, for instance, a complete rollout of 25 shops has been realised in only 6 months.

BEHF Architects has developed the design concept of the shops in line with the new branding strategy. The basic idea behind the new design has been to reunite the brand values in this artistic concept – values, such as innovation and excellent service as well as completing the task of charging the POS with positive emotions. Last but not least a solution to the big amount of clients and resulting queues has been found. A type of “spatial solution” has been developed with the aim of decentralising and dissolving these waiting lines.

© Bruno Klomfar

The innovative service concept, implemented in architectural terms through the counter (called “Meander”) in the middle of the space, resolves the traditional one-dimensional frontal communication models during consultancy. The decentralised positioning of the Vip employees and their work spaces successfully divides up consultations and queues within the space. The presentation panels have been chosen as design elements which enable flexible presentation of the vast array of products and services.

© Bruno Klomfar

Local cultural features, processes and requirements have been taken into consideration. This has mainly been achieved by preserving the typical surfaces, colors and graphic designs of the old local brands and by combining them with the new system-shaping furniture elements such as the meander-shaped counter, the presentation panels and the brand screen.

© Bruno Klomfar

BEHF’s approach has resulted in a high recognisability of the Telekom Austria Group’s shops on an international level – with high empathic values and individual regional adaptations, without losing sight of the overall uniform concept and presentation. The Corporate Architecture of Telekom Austria Group conveys the common corporate values and at the same time allows for individuality and regional features within the bigger unity.

  • Category: Retail, Rollout
  • Status: Completed
  • Location: The Balkan Region
  • Year: 2006
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