Coming Soon: Residential Complex THE ENSEMBLE

Residential Complex THE ENSEMBLE, Erdberger Lände 36-38 is growing fast!

Seven renowned architectural firms have designed ten individual buildings according to architectural guiding principles by BEHF Architects. Directly on the Danube Canal, opposite the recreational and leisure area of the Prater, about 800 high-quality apartments that blend seamlessly with an expansive surrounding park space will be available. BEHF Architects is developing two residential buildings on the building plots 8 and 9 that represent the most appealing area of the development site. Incentives for the development of high-quality, affordable housing used in Amsterdam and the Netherlands have been a major source of inspiration for the housing model developed at Erdberger Lände.

The area of Erdberger Lände has been used as a commercial and industrial area already in the 19th century. The commercial character of the area will now be revived as part of urban renovation, and once again embedded in the urban environment through a rich mixture of different uses. The project creates a desirable blend of townhouses, family residences, apartments with gardens, temporary apartments, alternative forms of housing, as well as shops for the daily needs.

Significant objectives to be implemented for the urban development zone at Erdberger Lände are to define the new edge of the city and to create open spaces towards the Danube Canal.

By virtue of the intelligent arrangement of buildings and open spaces, new relatively traffic free, public and private spaces will be developed. Amounting to approximately 21,500 m², the open and landscaped park areas will make up 2/3 of the entire building plot. A range of open spaces will be created on an elevated platform acting as a public square above the attractive retail area. Thanks to its significant location, it will give a spatial definition to the neighbourhood and conclude the development at Erdberger Lände. At the same time, it will provide spectacular views of the Danube Canal.

Visualisation © BEHF

Building Plot 8

A new building on the plot 8 will be connected with a building to be developed on the adjacent plot 9. It will appear as a remarkable urban figure along the street Drorygasse and a new parking space. The building is divided horizontally according to a classical tripartite scheme into a plinth zone, middle floors with a variety of apartment types and a top penthouse floor.

While the building will make a clear strong edge along the street and the parking area, the side facing an intimate inner courtyard will appear “softer” with its wavy bay windows and cantilever balconies.

The structure will be accessed via two-storey entrances from the sculptural plinth base. A kindergarten with direct access to the playground in the courtyard will be placed in the plinth zone.

The residences consisting of two, three or four bedrooms will be distributed over the floors above. Each apartment will have a separate large open space in the form of balconies or patios facing the street Drorygasse.

Clad in high-quality red brick, the exterior of the plinth will subtly reference the history of the district as a commercial zone. At the same time, it will create a visual connection with the red-rendered facade of the middle part and the penthouse floor.

The building will feature decorative mouldings around windows, patios and balconies. Organised in an orthogonal grid pattern upon the facade, these will lend the soon-to-be completed building a characteristic appearance with high recognition value.

The structure with its striking red colour will occupy a prominent urban location. In summer it will immerse itself in the green surrounding, while in winter it will harmonise with the deep brown colour of the bare trees.

Visualisation © BEHF

Building Plot 9

With its important location, the new build on the adjacent plot 9 will conclude the development and therefore define the new edge of the city towards Erdberger Lände and along the street Drorygasse and a new park. At the same time, it will present an important impulse for further development of the emerging neighbourhood.

In regards to the form and orientation towards the street and the inner courtyard, the building is designed upon the same principles as those used on the building plot 8.

Above the two-storey plinth zone, the new build will be divided into two individual building units which will be directly connected with the adjoining building plot. The open spaces between the two units dissolve the perimeter block housing and enable stringent floor plans.

The building will be accessed via two-storey entrances from the sculptural plinth base. A spacious retail area for local supplies will be located in the plinth zone.

On the floors above, there will be so-called “townhouses” generously equipped with separate private gardens located on the roof of the retail area. The elevated position will provide spectacular views over the nature of the Danube Canal. Adjoining the private gardens will be a small public square connected to the building plots 7, 8 and 10 by a network of stairs.

The apartments distributed over other floors of the building will be similar to those in the soon-to-be-completed building on the plot 8.

The highest point of the tower on the corner of Erdberger Lände / Drorygasse will express itself clearly as a strong architectural signal within this new urban destination taking shape in Vienna.

The architects will use the same selection of materials and colours as for the building on the plot 8 in order to formulate a uniform design and give the ensemble of buildings a characteristic appearance.

Visualisation © BEHF

A pedestrian bridge connecting the park at Drorygasse with the recreational and leisure area of the Prater is expected to be installed.

The development is run as a joint venture between ARE Austrian Real Estate Development GmbH and PREMIUM Immobilien AG. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2019.

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