Residential Complex WOHNEN IM AUHOF Vienna, Austria

Modifying a historic ensemble

The historic building ensemble in the heart of the 13th district is situated in the middle of a traditional Viennese residential area with many mansions in suburban style – an area which is also easily accessible with public transport.

The appeal of the former hotel and tavern in Lilienberggasse lies in its distinctive Biedermeier facade typical for the borough. BEHF Architects has carefully restored the facade, keeping visible the traces from considerable interventions from the 1960s.

The original form and structure of the old building have been brought back to life; the roofs and dormers covered with dark gray, rhomboid Eternit shingles, a white plastered facade – the architects have integrated these elements into the new structure to create a desired harmony between old and new buildings in the urban fabric.

The existing listed hotel and tavern building has been extended by an L-shaped side wing. Together, they form a new U-shaped residential complex. It has been the architects’ intention that one can recognise when the additional new buildings have been constructed. Nevertheless, they harmoniously add to the existing architecture. The low edges form a quiet, bright garden courtyard for relaxation. The newly created block blends smoothly into the urban environment. With its heterogeneous facade with bay windows and balconies, the new block orients itself toward the historic building.


The redesigned Auhof ensemble now serves for compact living with modern demands and provides attractive open spaces in the form of private gardens, balconies or terraces. The ensemble predominantly consists of two and three room apartments, ranging from about 40 to some 138 square metres in size.  Thanks to their functionally efficient layouts, the apartments enable optimum use of the living space. The beautiful, old stock of trees was largely preserved. On the ground floor to Auhofstraße, the underground car park offers sufficient parking spaces for residents as well as for the building’s commercial users.

Thus, in a district in which structures, uses and design are precisely defined, a user-friendly refurbishment that fulfills all the qualities of a modern district in a historical environment has been realised.


  • Category: Residential
  • Status: Completed
  • Location: Vienna, Austria
  • Completion: November 2016
Completed: Residential Complex KORB ETAGEN
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