SHIKI Japanese Fine Dining Vienna, Austria

Japanese Gourmet Temple by BEHF Architects

The Japanese gourmet restaurant Shiki (Japanese: “Seasons”) is located in the heart of Vienna. Together with its building contractor, the famous musician and conductor Joji Hattori, BEHF Architects has developed an architectural concept which combines Japanese tradition with cosmopolitan presence.

Using few puristic and high-quality materials, BEHF Architects creates spaces of sensual minimalism. Facilities of sustainable, clear mahogany wood, details of bronzed brass and handmade paper in continuously simple and clear shapes define a soft and elegant ambience of the 300 square meter guest area. It is split into an entree, a comfortable bar and brasserie, which mirrors the bright and wide kitchen area.

An L-shaped side hallway leads from here – past the Chef´s Table and an impressive wine cooler – to the Fine Dining area. Two neighbouring separees offer entrance to a Japanese garden. The production of these space sequences  of discreetly mirroring lacquered walls, soft-mud, planted walls with effective shadow gaps behind a slender grid of bronze underline the emotional, sensual combination of different worlds, inner and outer, tradition and modernity. This architectural principle creates both an inviting, pleasant as well as a discreet and timeless atmosphere in which the guests may enjoy exquisite food and selected beverages.

Over one hundred guests can be seated in the restaurant. The outdoor area offers 50 more seats in the summer time.

German Design Award 2018, Winner
SHIKI Japanese Fine Dining
Finest Interior Award contract 2016
SHIKI Japanese Fine Dining
  • Category: Restaurant, Interior
  • Status: Completed
  • Location: Vienna, Austria
  • Completion: February, 2015
  • Net Area: 518 m²
  • Restaurant: 280 m² / 112 seats
German Design Award 2018 Winner