Stephan Ferenczy about gastronomy concepts

Stephan Ferenczy has taken part in Gastronomy & Cuisine Dialogue in Vienna

In order to adequately prepare for new challenges and opportunities in tourism, Vienna launched a strategy process in 2018 to develop a destination strategy for 2025. Under the motto “Visitor Economy”, the Vienna Tourist Board has set the goal of enhancing the destination Vienna proactively and sustainably in the light of local and international trends. The task in hand is first and foremost to create as much value as possible for the city.

Stephan Ferenczy on architecture, design and gastronomy © WienTourismus

Vienna’s attractiveness as a tourist destination is exemplified by its diverse and high quality gastronomy. After all, Vienna the only city in the world that has an entire cuisine named after it. As part of a dialogue Gastronomy & Cuisine (May 13, 2019), which has gathered not only direct stakeholders in the tourism industry, but also real estate developers, universities, designers and businesses, a comprehensive picture of how Vienna and its gastronomy sector will evolve has been developed. Stephan Ferenczy, BEHF Architects co-founder, has looked into architectural and design strategies to ensure gastronomy concepts for hotels are successful.


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