BEHF Architects creates elegant grey premises for Rutter Immobilien Gruppe

BEHF Architects has converted the office premises of a Viennese law firm and project development company Rutter Immobilien Gruppe into an immersive, contemporary office space. The ambition of this full update has been to deliver a new look and optimise the use of space.

Leveraging the grey colour in the interior, the architects have created a harmonious ambience within the space. A minimalist colour scheme has been applied in all areas as the only colour accentuation. Walls, doors, window niches and seating furniture have been covered with a 5-cm thick layer of silver-grey Alcantara. The upholstery of vertical room elements enhances the acoustic qualities of the space and ensures discretion in the law firm.

The elegant, grey skin conceals all technical elements: a beamer and a screen are incorporated into the conference roof and only become visible at the push of a button. Even the seating furniture is integrated into the wall. Thus, an air of simplicity and clear spatial configurations have been created.

The sophisticated lighting design adds an extra bit of sleekness to the room. The lighting uses vertical acrylic glass diffusers and recessed spot-lights to cast exciting shadows in the corridor. Large mirrors in the work and conference rooms reflect the lights built into the ceiling and create a vibrant and welcoming feel. The grey mirror of the walls is also used for the tops of the round side tables made of brushed stainless steel.

The dark reception desk is the only, strong contrast to the discreet, elegant spaces. The dark, greenish-black colouring of the grained ebony veneer has been used for drawers and doors as well as for the wooden paneling separating the drawing room. With its homely atmosphere, the drawing room is the most intimate space in the office premises.

  • Category: Interior, Office
  • Status: Completed
  • Location: Vienna, Austria
  • Completion: May 2005
  • Net Area: 450 m²
Armin Ebner in an Interview for Falstaff LIVING
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