BUWOG-Podcast with Stephan Ferenczy


BEHF Architects designed the recently completed Helio Tower in Vienna’s 3rd district for BUWOG. Founder Stephan Ferenczy talks to Michael Divé about the topic of high-rise buildings and residential towers.

Skyscrapers create a lot of living space on a small footprint and ensure efficient use of land as a valuable resource. They are seen as part of the solution for more sustainability and much-needed housing in the cities of the future. But what all goes along with high-rise construction and what compromises and conflicting goals need to be explored?

An exciting interview about the fascination of high-rise buildings from Vienna to Hong Kong, how good living qualities can be achieved and what role the raw material wood plays in high-rise construction.

You can listen to it here or here.

Further information were published in an accompanying article here.

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