Completed: Residential Complex LAENDYARD “South”

BEHF Architects completes LAENDYARD, Erdberger Lände 26 “South” at the core of the third district of Vienna

The project LAENDYARD, Erdberger Lände 26 operates as an urban hinge to connect the city with the water. Due to the definition of the Danube Canal as the target area in the Urban Development Plan 2005 and the identification of the right and left banks of the Danube as attractive spaces for leisure and residential uses, a new look of the quarter LAENDYARD at Erdberger Lände has been created.

Situated on the banks of the Danube Canal, opposite the recreational and leisure area of the Prater, and directly adjacent to the city center, the project represents a historic opportunity for the district to create a stronger link between the city and the Danube Canal. At the same time, it develops a unique and lively neighbourhood, and a new urban destination in Vienna.

The urban development model “Waterfront Erdberger Lände” has been the guiding concept in creating a visible water’s edge as well as a connection of the residential district with the green areas of the Danube Canal and the Prater by a network of pathways.

On the site itself, a high-quality pedestrian environment has been created. The Louise-Martini-Weg promenade forms a pedestrian, longitudinal passage through the new residential areas. The building units have been set back 5 metres from a property boundary in order to provide space for a second row of trees. Due to traffic calming measures implemented at Erdberger Lände and attractive ground floor uses, the promenade appears as an urban boulevard with direct access to the water.

© Bruno Klomfar

At LAENDYARD, Erdberger Lände 26 “South”, the residences are distributed throughout L-shaped and U-shaped structures which are situated along the promenade Louise-Martini-Weg and open up in a form of a park southwest. The entrances and adjoining spaces are oriented towards the promenade and ensure clear and effective house numbering, whereas the ground floor apartments with private gardens and children’s playgrounds are oriented towards the open courtyards.

The owner of the property has been highly involved in the planning of the project from the beginning. The ensemble of towers comprises 220 apartments which range from 35 to 109 square metres in size, i.e. consist of one to three bedrooms. Thus, the coexistence of a variety of family forms and life styles in the new district is possible. Each apartment has a separate open space in the form of balconies, loggias or terraces. The complex comprises 142 underground parking spaces in a 1-storey underground car park.

© Bruno Klomfar

The design of the facade reflects the stringent character of the new urban structure. A classic, simple, punctuated facade in a restrained colour palette wraps the entire complex. It features regular “French windows” accompanied by an equally strict rhythmical arrangement of balconies. Their warm colours harmonise with the timeless, earthy colour scheme of the facade. The plinth area is robustly differentiated by a clinker facade.

With the completion of LAENDYARD, Erdberger Lände 26 “South”, BEHF Architects has developed a vibrant neighbourhood of Vienna with high quality of life which enlivens the area by the water’s edge and creates a stronger and more visible link between the city and the Danube.

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