German Design Award 2018 Winner

BEHF Architects Wins
“German Design Award 2018”
With 4 Projects


BEHF Architects was awarded the “German Design Award 2018” in the category Excellent Communications Design for four projects: Telegraf 7, Office JP Immobilien, WEIN & CO Flagship Store, Zwi Perez Chajes Synagogue and SHIKI, Japanese Fine Dining. The German Design Award identifies and presents unique design trends: a competition that advances the design-oriented scene.

Telegraf 7, Office J+P Immobilien

Winner: Excellent Communications Design, Architecture


“The transparent nested-space approach of this design creates
an exciting contrast to the surrounding historical buildings,
which are protected as landmarks.
At the same time, the architecture of the opulent original structure remains
an optical element of the newly integrated glass constructions.
This design is a superb combination of historical structures and modern elements.”

(Jury Statement)

WEIN & CO Flagship Store

Winner: Excellent Communications Design, Retail Architecture  


“This space, with its unfinished surfaces, crumbling plaster and
minimalist interior focuses customers’ attention
where it belongs, namely on culinary delights –
an effect that is impressively accentuated by the baroque fresco.”

(Jury Statement)

Zwi Perez Chajes Synagogue

Winner: Excellent Communications Design, Interior Architecture  


“The use of shutters engenders a unique aesthetic and
atmosphere that rarely looks the same.
Instead of being static, the design comes alive by virtue of lively change –
an effect that is accentuated by the light that filters in
through the slats and the gold plating on the back of the shutters.”

(Jury Statement)

SHIKI, Japanese Fine Dining

Winner: Excellent Communications Design, Interior Architecture  


“The elegant interior of this Japanese restaurant,
with its variously designed areas,
is notable for its minimalist and high-quality decor.
It constitutes a major interior-design achievement,
one that harmonises traditional Japanese design with Viennese charm.”

(Jury Statement)

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