Architectural Planning

Integrated Building Planning

Right advices, perfectly planned projects

BEHF’s architectural planning department offers a wide range of planning services for the development of new project ideas.

The approach of BEHF’s architectural planning is holistic, integrated and based on the latest planning methods and communication technologies like BIM (building information modeling).

BEHF’s architectural planning is coordinating and integrating the artistic design solutions, the planning proposals worked out by all specialist planners such as structural engineers, mechanical and electrical engineers, and consultants for fire protection, building physics, lighting, landscaping, interior design, etc. into overall plans. Our team has the in-house expertise to ensure the projects meet all technical, legal and economic requirements as well as the best possible solutions for the life cycle of the building.

BEHF’s architectural planning has a strong expertise in consulting on regulatory topics and is handling the communication process with all authorities regarding legal stipulating regulations. We advise and represent our clients through all planning phases, which include the preparation and submission of planning applications and lawful development certificates.

With Building Information Modeling (BIM) we are one step ahead. BIM enables efficient communication and organisation, independent of location as well as simulation and holistic optimisation during the planning and construction phase.


  • Coordination of necessary surveys and measurements
  • Preliminary coordination with authorities
  • Advising on local stipulating regulations for construciton
  • Evaluation and submission of planning documents
  • Preparing planning applications and handling licensing procedures
  • Establishing the full set of integrated building plans, ensuring all functional, technical, legal and economic requirements are met
  • Collecting and providing the entire project documentation
  • Providing as built-drawings
  • Providing a consistent BIM file for facility management
  • Organising completion announcement certificate and all legal documents for use
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