Apartment JP Vienna, Austria

Apartment JP

Make a Small Space Feel Larger

BEHF Architects has converted a listed telegraph exchange in Vienna into an inspiring office building: TELEGRAF 7. The headquarters of the real estate agency JP Immobilien is set inside the former telegraph exchange. Along with offices for their staff, JP Immobilien wanted to create a guest-suite where international business clients and partners can stay during visits.

The challenge has been to accommodate multiple functions within the remaining narrow space. The architects have formed a series of living spaces and office areas along a central corridor, which acts as the apartment’s spine. The corridor is lined in large mirrors that reflect an image of the surrounding and make this small space feel larger.

The walls are covered with lively illustrated wallpaper and extend infinitely in the reflection of the mirror. A cosy atmosphere has been created by placing a cubicle in a striking golden colour to animate surroundings with reflections. This cubicle maximises the illusion of depth, while also serving as storage space, cloakrooms and the like.

Contemporary furnishings along with patterned wallpapers give the space an eclectic, yet cohesive feel with a high hip factor.

Apartment JP - BEHF Architects

  • Category: Interior
  • Status: Completed
  • Location: Vienna, Austria
  • Completion: September 2017
  • Net Area: approx. 45 m²
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